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Fuel Pump Module Assemblies

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Fuel pumps have come a long way since the mechanical designs used with carbureted engines. Most modern vehicles have a module that contains all of the components needed to supply a fuel-injected engine, and use an electric motor. A fuel pump module is actually a very simple device.

The fuel pump itself is the primary component of the module. Its job is to take gasoline from your tank and pressurize it so it can be sent through your fuel lines and into your engine’s cylinders. It is driven by an electrical motor, which seems like a hazard: what if it ignites the gas in your tank? Luckily, because there is never enough oxygen in a gas tank to make combustion possible, this is not a risk.

The other main components of the fuel pump module are the float assembly and the sending unit. The float assembly is a device that floats on the surface of the liquid gasoline. When the tank is full of gas, it rises as high as it can go and when the tank is empty, it lowers as low as it can go. The sending unit is a simple device that senses the position of the float assembly and sends this information to the fuel gauge on your car’s dashboard.

One of the main causes of fuel pump failure is tiny pieces of debris in gasoline. Every module has a strainer below its intake that prevents most particles from entering the pump; however some contaminants are so small that they can pass through this filter-like device. Over time, this can lead to damage. When the fuel pump assembly finally becomes too damaged to function, you’ll find that your car won’t start. It will act as though you’re out of gas, even if you have a full tank.

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